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Estate Liquidation or Estate Sale

What is it and what is it NOT:

Selling the personal items after someone has passed?


A lot of our Estate Sales include this type.


Selling personal items of someone that is moving out of state or the country?


Most of our Estate Sales include this type. It is cheaper to buy new when you get to your new destination, vs moving them. Plus, a lot of the time, items get broken in the move.


Buying left over items from a DIY Estate Sale?


Most companies work on a percentage, and if all the “good stuff” has already been sold, then they can’t make any money and probably won’t take the job. Hire the professional first. They will more than likely get you more for your items anyway.


My realtor told me you will buy out all the stuff I don’t want to move or from our family Estate?


Many realtors will tell you that you can get an Estate Liquidator to “Buy out” items that you don’t want to take with you when you move. They also seem to think that the Liquidators buy out full Estates. THIS IS FALSE! Those days are long past and to hold an Estate Sale, it is done in the home. Of course, if there are only a few items that are to be sold it is best to send those items to a consignment store.


Do they sell everything including Cars, Boats, and Farm Equipment?


Should we sell things ourselves first?



What should we do to prepare for the Estate Sale?

Don’t throw away anything!


Ok, you can dispose of old medications, food from the refrigerator, and personal papers and pictures, but that is all! Most companies will dispose of anything that isn’t “sellable” themselves. Do not get rid of clothes, and food in the pantry as most companies will sell those items too!


A few tips for Trustees (Not Legal Advise): Be careful of what personal items you let family members take. If there is a Will or Trust, it should be followed to the letter. If it does not state that anyone will receive certain items and that they are to be sold and the profits are to be split in a certain way, then that is what should be done to follow their wishes in the Estate. Otherwise, someone may receive more than what was intended, leaving the percentage of the Estate off. Just because everyone agrees now, doesn't mean someone might not contest the arrangements later.


No one that is a beneficiary should be the Real Estate Agent/Broker in selling the Real Estate, as they will also be profiting from the Estate. (They cannot receive a referral either, as it is also a profit from the Estate.) Because of this, it could be leaving the percentages of the inheritance unbalanced. Always get someone that is a third party, and not a “Family Friend” to keep things professional.


Always ask your Attorney if you have any questions or concerns.


Let's cover why someone may need our liquidation services:


1. Moving to another city or state-Moving costs are high! Sometimes it is cheaper to buy everything new when you arrive to your new home than hire a moving service or even rent a truck. Having professionals assist with selling these items is best.

2. Downsizing to a smaller home or assisted living-it can be difficult to see your items sold that you have collected over the years, and you may not even know it's worth. So it is best to have our service assist here. 

3. Estate Settlement-this is a difficult time for you and your family. Sorting and selling the personal items, jewelry, autos, boats, homes, all can be difficult to manage and is best to contact us immediately. This way we can assist with what are the next steps. Yes, Julie Jue is a licensed Realtor with eXp Realty, and can assist in the home sale too. We will step in to assist with what should be sold and what can be discarded. 

What we do: 

Sort Items-this requires diligence to be sure there are no personal documents where customers will find them. We also make sure there are no medications, pictures, keys, cash in the staged areas. We will put those in a special place to protect them until they can be returned to you. Other small valuables will not be left in unsupervised areas.  

Stage: We stage in the home-all of our sales are in the home, we do not move to other sites or "brick and mortar" store locations. We also do not "buy out". It has been our experience that neither of these are successful for our clients, nor does it give them the best return. There is no incentive to sell the items if you offer to haul it off after the sale either. We will only consign Jewelry on a Case-By-Case basis. 

Research the prices-The majority of the items we price based on our past experience, however there are occasions that require additional information is attain correct pricing. We are not experts on EVERYTHING, but we do try. Fortunately, we do use the internet to assist in current pricing for various items that we may not be familiar with.

Advertise- We advertise on multiple platforms of social media, internet sites that are key for Estate Liquidations, and through our list of followers.


The days for the sale vary from each sale, which means they may only be 1 weekend or possibly more. The time for setup is a minimum of 2 weeks, mainly for advertising. We will do light clean up after the sale, and assist with charity pick up for the items remaining. Once that has completed, then you can choose to dispose of the remaining items, or hire a company to pick up what is left. In about 10 days will send you your funds with a summary of services. 

Our sales are successful due to our employee staff. We have an amazing group of people that are caring and knowledgeable about what they are selling. We even have delivery available for most of the sales. (Additional fee is paid by the customer, not the client.)

Call Us For More Information! We have grown to be one of the Best Estate Liquidation Companies in the Roseville, Rocklin area. We also service Lincoln, Granite Bay, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, and more. We are the only one in the area that is "A" rated with the Better Business Bureau, and has a Licensed Realtor on staff. 916-597-3221


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