To do business with our company we require the following: The client is required to keep homeowners insurance for the property at all times before, during, and after the sale. ESS will not be held liable for any accidents, theft, or damage to any and all personal or real property. Once we have created the photo inventory, additional items can be added, but not removed. Any new items must be reported to EstateSaleSac.Com immediately. Depending on circumstances, any items removed will subject to percentage of full sales price, and only ESS can make that determination. We require a house key, gate code, lockbox number or access through the garage, and alarm codes no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the sale for preparation.

Utilities are required to be on and usable. Electricity for lighting and air conditioning for warmer months, heating during colder months, Water/Sewer (bathroom use is for employees/staff only). 

ESS is responsible for paying the advertising costs prior to the sale from the following sources:,,, Nextdoor (Roseville only), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and place directional signs in appropriate places for locating your sale (where allowed).

We will provide all resources to organize, display, research, price, and sell the contents of the home in a professional and customer friendly atmosphere. Small valuable items will be kept near the checkout area.

Throughout the liquidation process, the household contents that are not sellable will be discarded. If there are any personal paperwork, we will put them aside for safekeeping. That may include cash, personal pictures, tax documents, awards, and more. Handguns are also turned over as we do not sell Handguns. Should you have Shotguns and/or Rifles, we can assist in these sales. Please contact us for assistance with those items.

We discourage clients or relatives of the estate to be present while the sale is being setup and conducted. We understand this is a sensitive time for all family members involved, and family being present could make potential customers uncomfortable.

ESS will appraise all items to be sold and mark prices using price stickers, tents or tags. Merchandise will be marketed so that it receives the best price.  Most items under $15.00 will not be priced. Customers like to "bundle" these smaller items, and they will be priced at the checkout counter.  

We welcome your (the client’s) input regarding the value of specific items. However, given our (ESS) substantial experience in this area, we, ESS, reserve the right to make all final pricing decisions.

We will vacuum carpet, sweep, wipe counters and do light dusting the day after the last day of the sale. All keys will be returned with the payment. (See line 19)

At the end of the sale, the “left over” items will be donated to local charities or we use the "Come and Get It" process.  For final clean out, we recommend using a local trash service such as 1-800 Got Junk or Junk King. We are not affiliated with either company and are not responsible for their service, charges, or damages. They are a 3rd party and the charges and can be billed to your account, should you agree.

Payment: Proceeds from the sale minus all additional 3rd party charges and any other fees, will be mailed to you approximately 5-10 business days from the last day of the sale unless otherwise agreed. This is to allow all credit card payments and 3rd party payments to be processed. A summary of charges will be mailed to you along with a cashier's check with the net proceeds minus our cost for services, and any additional 3rd party charges. All keys and remotes will be sent to either the client or realtor of choice. 

For a full copy of our actual contract, contact Julie at 916-597-3221